Mail in Vote is Now Free

($50.00 USD Value)

Mail in Vote is a great little application that I invested hundreds of hours in writing and testing.  Unfortunately, people have been gun shy to purchase it.  Rather than just sitting on it, I've decided to release it for free to the community.  I know it has a lot of value and could be very useful and I'd rather get it out there and see people benefiting than just having it sit on my servers gathering dust (Though support is available only to previous subscribers who already paid for their subscription.)


There is a catch!  In exchange for letting you have this powerful little extension I'd like you to sign up to my email list.  The purpose of the list is to provide useful information to Joomla site builders: tips, tricks, and news.  I won't share your email or spam you repeatedly, most emails will go out only once or twice a month.  And, of course, if at any time you don't want to receive emails from Code Haiku, all you have to do is click a link in the footer to unsubscribe.

How to Download It

Subscribe using the form below and in the first email you receive (usually mails within the hour) you'll receive a link to the download location of Mail in Vote.  If you have any questions or concers, just hit me up through Code Haiku's contact form.