Mail In Vote 2.4 Released

September 28, 2012 Mail In Vote 2.4 released.

I was delayed quite a bit in this iteration due to coming down with tendonisis / tendonitis, but I was able to make some small improvements to Mail In Vote this week.  These include:

  • Non-javascript back button from the results page (Fix)
  • Language string assignments (Fix)
  • User token replacements in emails (New feature)
  • Display when users voted (New feature)

As I heal, look to see more improvements. :)

Portfolio Zen Update

July 13, 2012 - Minor update to Portfolio Zen to deal with varying Joomla setups and external applications using their own conventions for image paths.

Easy to Grok Joomla Templating

Layout Code

There was a debate back in 2009 concerning whether Wordpress(WP) should be used as a CMS. One of the claims of the proponents was that WP was easier to template than the popular CMS's. In respect to Joomla, I didn't agree, and couldn't understand how someone would think that working with WP's "loop" and myriad of conventions and functions was any easier to understand than Joomla's JDoc tags and countModules function (I'ld done considerable templating/theming for both.) I was convinced though, that many web designers, really did feel that way and as I thought about it, I realized that in some ways WP's theme paradigm is closer to something most web designers can understand: a flat HTML site. It's a very approximate comparison because it is limited to WP conventions (page templates, not post templates, etc, etc), but I think it made enough sense to many designers.  One of Joomla's defining strengths is it's flexibility and in this and the following post I will demonstrate a powerful templating method that is extremely easy to understand and much more intuitive than WP's implementation.  Best of all, this method will not require learning a framework or loading up a bunch of arbitrary library files, which means it will be fast to learn and fast to load.

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