Code Haiku haiku

Who is Code Haiku

Code Haiku is a site that distributes my extensions. My name is John Hooley and I'm a Portland, Oregon based web developer who specializes in Joomla!(TM). If you're interested in learning more about and/or hiring me, please see the website of my service based business, Blue Bridge Development.

The Code Haiku Philosophy

Code Haiku aspires to simplicity, power, and effortless action.

The Code Haiku Philosophy Applied

I endeavor to build lean, powerful extensions.

How Code Haiku Came to Be

I love to code and make a living by selling my ability to code as a service. However, because of this, I have less time to code projects that I find valuable and my work benefits only a few clients. Code Haiku is my effort to transition to selling code as a product so that I can spend more time developing extensions that help more people.

Business, Free Software, and Where Code Haiku Falls

Code Haiku's extensions work on the fantastic Joomla! platform, a community supported and free application. I would love to be able to contribute free, as in beer, software to the Joomla! community which has benefited me so much. Unfortunately, like everyone else, I have bills to pay and my beautiful girlfriend doesn't make enough as a teacher to support a code writing bum. Due to this, Code Haiku will strive to strike a balance between giving back at no cost and still requiring payment for some extensions or parts of extensions.  All of Code Haiku's extensions will forever be free, as in speech, and licensed under an open source license.