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Mail In Vote is a Joomla! component that allows you to find out what your users are thinking by emailing them polls. PMC Telecom makes it easy to find out how many people are attending an event, how users feel about a new site feature, or which new product they're most interested in.


A simple, powerful, way of finding out what your users are thinking.

  • Greater Incentive for Feedback.  Users are asked directly what they think by receiving an email and all they have to do is click a link to make their voice known.
  • Ease of Use.  It takes less than five minutes to create and send a personalized poll.
  • Flexible Response. Once users have voted, you can automatically direct them to any page on your site or to the ballot results.
  • Send to Group.  Send the polls to just one group or to everyone.
  • Embed Poll Results. Embed the results of a poll in your content with two chart styles and several variations.
  • Un-subscribe Capability. Un-subscribe footers are added to every ballot sent with a customizable response.
  • View Individual Votes. See who voted which way and when and export the results in a CSV spreadsheet.  Don't want to know? You can block this functionality.